Message from the President

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Welcome to Kangwon National University homepage!

Boasting of its 70-year history, Kangwon National University has been making every effort to respond to the rapidly-changing global era and nurture global talents contributing to advancement of the nation and the region as a regional stronghold university.

On the strength of ten years of experiences in integrating three campuses in Chuncheon, Samcheok and Dogye, the university is about to be reborn as a genuine sense of one united university through “Multi-Campus Model.” As for the three campuses located far away from one another, Kangwon National University pursues to develop the Chuncheon Campus as a stronghold national university in the capital area, advance the Samcheok Campus as the industry-university collaboration campus focused on facilitating regional industries and foster the Dogye Campus as a specialized residential college for the faculty of liberal arts in an effort to elevate its reputation and status.


In addition, it is endeavoring to concentrate brilliant ideas and resources on colleges by actively opening itself to the local community and the regional industries, and it is also pushing for creation of an exemplary virtuous circle where the university is achieving development alongside with the region by making a contribution to advancing the local community through maximization of its value. Realizing an open campus, the Kangwon National University will do its utmost to attain shared growth with the local community by dramatically strengthening competence in education, research, industry-university cooperation, entrance examination and employment while doing its part to enable the local community to achieve shared growth in cooperation with the university.

We sincerely hope that you will continue to throw full your support behind our strenuous efforts to achieve further development.

Thank you!

Kim Heonyoung Ph.D.


Kangwon National University