International Relations

To become a renowned university in the world with a solid globalization policy, KNU puts emphasis on active international relations with its 235 sister universities from 53 nations based on official exchange agreements. On-going accomplishments are active exchanges such as exchange of faculty members and students, research linkages, exchange of academic resources and information, interchange of administrative officials, opening academic conference or symposium. More than 40 faculty members annually work on both long- and short-term projects abroad, and the number of students studying and taking language courses abroad to acquire international experiences has been rapidly increasing. On top of that, the office of International Affairs has developed and operated a variety of international programs, and a growing number of departments are trying to open research-study courses abroad.
International Relations Organization of Kangwon National University
Country University Date


Universidad Nacional del Sur 2012.01.17
National University of Cuyo 2012.04.10


University of New England 1992.01.29
Holmes College 1996.02.27
Monash International Pty Ltd 2004.04.08
University of Wollongong 2004.06.07
Monash University 2006.05.01
University of Tasmania 2015.08.07
Deakin University 2017.01.18
Brazil Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio De Mesquita Filho" 2011.10.27
Burundi University of Burundi 2010.11.24
Cambodia Royal Academy of Cambodia 2004.05.31
Royal university of Agriculture 2011.10.06
Cambodian University for Specialties 2012.11.01
Canada University of Alberta 2002.11.28
China Jilin University
Liaoning University
Shanghai International Studies University 1994.05.19
Xian Transportation University 1995.03.27
Beijing Foreign Studies University 1996.04.12
United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 1996.05.03
nner Mongolian University
Yanbian University
China Agricultural University
Northeast Normal University
Qingdao University
Northeast Forestry University
Beihua University
Shandong Normal University
Hangzhou Normal University
Yanbian University of Science & Technology
Northwest University of Politics and Law
Beijing Language and Culture University
Dalian Universityof Foreign Language 2010.06.29
Northeast Petroleum University(NEPU) 2010.05.19
Tianjin University of Science & Technology 2010.07.12
Shandong University, Weihai 2010.12.06
Nanjing Normal University 2011.04.29
Linyi University 2011.04.30
Nanjing University of the Arts 2011.07.27
Inner Mongolian University for the Nationalities 2011.09.29
Qingdao Technological University Qindao College 2011.09.29
Central South University of Forestry And Technology 2012.08.20
Xian University of Science and Technology 2012.11.07
Yangzhou University 2012.11.30
China University of Petroleum 2013.10.03.
Honder College of Inner Mongolia Normal University 2014.07.09.
Fujian Normal University 2014.12.12.
Fuzhou University 2014.12.31.
Ludong University 2015.01.18.
Nanjing Agricultural University 2015.03.16
Qingdao Agricultural University 2015.07.28
Suzhou Institute of Technology, Jiangsu University of Science and Technology 2015.09.01
Beijing Forestry University 2015.09.04
Anhui University of Technology 2015.10.20.
Jilin Normal University 2016.05.06.
Yanbian University 2003.08.28
Jilin University 2009.02.03
Czech Republic Metropolitan University Prague 2009.12.02
Mendel University in Brno 2011.07.15
Masaryk University 2017.05.10
El Salvador Universidad De El Salvador 2012.07.24
Estonia Tallinn University of Technology 2013.10.22
Ethiopia Jimma University 2010.11.22
Addis Ababa University 2010.11.26
Civil Service College 2010.11.26
Wolaita Sodo University 2013.09.13
Kotebe Metropolitan University 2017.04.28
France Jean Monnet University 2010.12.07


University of Bayreuth 2008.07.01
Chemnitz University of Technology 2011.06.09
University of Wuppertal 2016.02.22
University of Wuerzburg 2016.05.25
Hong Kong Hong Kong Shue Yan University 2017.10.04
Hungary Szent Istvan University 2011.06.22
Indonesia Universitas Sumatera Utara 2008.02.15
Institut Teknologi Bandung 2011.07.01
Diponegoro University 2011.08.31
Bogor Agricultural University 2011.11.30
University of Indonesia 2012.01.05
Universitas Gadjah Mada 2012.01.06
Binus University 2012.03.08
Semarang State University 2013.03.22
Syiah Kuala University 2014.04.30
Dian Nuswantoro University 2014.05.15
Iran Ferdowsi University of Mashhad 2017.09.17
Ireland University of Limerick 2004.07.09
Dublin City University 2014.02.18
Japan Tenri University 1989.09.28
Shinshu University 1995.10.01
Tottori University 1996.06.27
Kokugakuin University 1999.08.18
Nagasaki University 2002.04.04
Kagoshima University 2002.04.05
Hokkaido University 2003.06.13
Waseda University 2004.07.12
Kyushu University 2005.04.15
Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine 2007.03.06
Mejiro University 2011.11.01
University of Shiga Prefecture 2013.03.07
Nakamura Gakuen University 2013.06.13
Kanazawa Seiryo University 2015.04.02
Okayama University 2015.10.27
University of Toyama 2016.12.16
Tokyo University of Agriculture 2016.12.01
Kazakhstan Korkyt Ata Kyzylorda State University 2011.05.26
KIMEP University 2012.06.13
Kyrgyzstan I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University 2012.05.23
Laos The National University of Laos 2003.03.14
Lithuania Vytautas Magunus University 2011.07.27
Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Mara 2008.02.13
Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation 2013.07.18
MAHSA University 2013.07.18
Mexico Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education 2012.12.12
Mongolia Mongolian University of Life Sciences 2003.11.25
National University of Mongolia 2003.11.27
Mongolia International University 2007.05.07
Institute of Commerce and Business 2009.07.21
Ikh Zasag iInternational University 2011.10.10
Mongolian National University 2013.01.27
Myanmar Department of medical research 2016.10.17
Peru Continental University of Science and Engineering 2011.10.31
San Pedro University 2013.01.27
Philippines University of The Philippines, Diliman 2007.09.05
Cavite State University 2007.11.09
De La Salle Araneta University 2010.10.29
Don Mariano Marcos Memorial State University 2011.08.23
University of Southern Philippines 2013.02.01
The University of the Philippines Los Banos 2015.09.14
Poland Adam Mickiewicz University 2012.03.29
Rumania University of Craiova 2012.12.12
Russia Khabarovsk Institute of National Economy 1991.01.12
Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law 1996.05.07
Pacific National University 1996.05.07
Buryat State University 2005.07.07
Baikal National University of Economics and Law 2011.07.15
Russian State Academy of Intellectual Property University 2016.11.07
Irkutsk National Research Technical University 2017.06.30
Financial University 2017.05.26
Rwanda University of Rwanda 2015.09.14
Saudi Arabia Royal Embassy of SaudiArabia Cultural Mission 2011.05.26
Singapore Nanyang Polytechnic 2013.10.17
Temasek Polytechnic 2016.05.20
Slovenia University of Maribor 2012.05.30
Spain University of Lleida 2011.07.19
Sri Lanka University of Kelaniya 2015.10.05
Sudan University of Gezira 2015.02.20
Taiwan National Central University 2011.04.26
Fu Jen Catholic University 2011.12.30
Chinese Culture University 2012.07.02
Soochow University 2014.05.08
National Ilan University 2016.04.25
Thailand Kasetsart University 2009.12.02
King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi 2012.01.09
Mae Fah Luang University 2015.04.16
Turkey Kadir Has University 2011.11.02
Istanbul University 2012.02.08
Uganda Makerere University 2007.07.27
U.S.A University of Pittsburgh 1983.01.31
Slippery Rock University 1988.11.28
Oklahoma State University 1995.02.14
State University of New York at Albany 2001.05.24
Clemson University 2006.06.15
California State University, Fullerton 2008.11.24
Concord University 2010.04.29
Colorado State University, Pueblo 2011.02.04
LeTourneau University 2011.08.02
Angelo State University 2012.03.30
Salisbury University 2013.10.08
California State University, Monterey Bay 2014.05.02
Washington State University 2015.07.23
Renison University College 2016.11.22
Oklahoma State University 2007.03.26
Uganda KUMI University 2017.01.07
Uzbekistan Samarkand Agricultural University 2012.12.05
Vietnam Vietnam National University, Hanoi 2003.03.12
Vietnam National University of Agriculture 2008.06.10
Hanoi University of Science and Technology 2010.09.10
Vietnam-Korea Friendship IT College 2015.07.24
Hanoi University 2016.01.11
National Economics University 2016.08.11
The University of Danang 2017.09.26