List of Degree Programs

Majors Offered for Admission
Department Major
Business Administration   Business Administration
  International Trade & Business
  Tourism Administration
  Global Business
Engineering   Mechanical & Biomedical Engineering
  Nano Applied Engineering
  Major in architectural engineering
  Major in architecture(5year)
  Mechatronics Engineering
  Bioengineering and Technology
  System Management Engineering
  Energy and Resources Engineeing
  Civil Engineering
  Chemical Engineering
  Environmental Engineering
Agriculture and
Life Sciences
  Agricultural & Resource Economics
  Biosystems Engineering
  Biological Environment
  Applied Plant Sciences
  Applied Biology
  Food Science and Biotechnology
  Horticultural Science
  Regional Infrastructures Engineering
  Environmental Science
Animal Life Sciences   Animal Biotechnology
  Food Science and Technology in Animal Resources
  Feed Science and Technology
  Animal Science program
Art and Culture   Design
  Fine Art
  Visual Culture
Education   Home Economics Education
  Korean Education
  History Education
  English Education
  Social Studies Education
  Geographic Education
Social Sciences   Cultural Anthropology
  Real Estate
  Journalism and Mass Communication
  Political Science
  Public Administration
Forest and Environmental Science   Forest Management
  Forest Resources
  Forest Environment Protection
  Forest Biomaterials Engineering
  Paper Science & Engineering
  Landscape Architecture
Biomedical Science   Molecular Bioscience
  Bio-Health Technology
  Medical Biomaterials Engineering
  Systems Immunology
  Medical Biotechnology
Humanities   Korean Language and Literature
  German Language and Literature
  French Language and Literature
  English Language and Literature
  Japanese Studies
  Chinese Language and Literature
Natural Sciences   Physics
  Biological Science/Biology
  Information Statics
  Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  Electronics Engineering
  Electronic & Communication Engineering
  Computer Science
  Computer & Communications Engineering
Division of Sport Science   Division of Sport Science