• Annual Schedule and Application

    Annual Schedule
    December※ Application for 1st semester
    End of February1st Semester Move-in period
    First week of MarchOrientation
    Mid-May※ Application for Summer Vacation Residence
    Mid-June1st Semester Check Out
    June※ Application for 2nd semester
    End of August2nd Semester Entrance
    Mid-November※ Application for Winter Vacation Residence
    Mid-December2nd semester Check Out
    ※ Every month Roll Call - 1st Semester : March~June, 2nd Semester : September~December
    ※ Main events : Picnic, Photo exhibition, Open House, etc.

    The Application to the Dormitory is held four times a year online on the dormitory website.
      ( ※ New students' application - Use the KNU application form )

  • Dormitory buildings

    Housing fees cover expenses for the maintenance and operation of the dormitories and are collected four times a year: spring semester, summer vacation(optional), fall semester, winter vacation(optional).

    Dormitory buildings
    Campus Dormitory
    Occupancy Features Housing Fees One Semester
    Chuncheon BTL(M/F) Room for 2 Individual bathroom in every room 478,000 won
    ToeGyeGwan (M)
    NanJiWon (F)
    GukJiWon (F)
    Room for 4 Shared restroom and shower room on each floor 327,000 won
    Global Dorm
    (M / F)
    Room for 2 Equipped with kitchen furniture
    * Every month- gas fee payment
    598,000 won
    2 Rooms for 4 529,000 won
    Family Room 1,584,000 won
    ※ Meals are optional and have to be applied for separately.
  • Things to prepare

    • Personal items : Bedding, toiletries, cups, clothes and other personal items.
    • Equipped furnitures : bed(included a mattress), closet, desk and chair
    • Prohibited items: Any kind of heating or electrical appliance (e.g. electric blankets, space heaters, irons, coffee makers, toasters, portable stoves, cooking utensils, candles), and potentially dangerous items such as flammable materials.
  • Check-in

    • A sheet for bed and key will be provided when you visit the Resident Adviser room(Housing Office).
    • Students can enter their dormitory room 3 days before the starting day of KNU courses.
  • Check Out

    • Check Out Document Submission : (At least 10 days before leaving) Complete the check-out form picked up from your Resident Adviser and submit it with a photocopy of the bank account for the refund of the Deposit.
    • Returning of individual items : Students should move out after returning all individual items provided on the first day(card or key, bed sheet) to the Resident Adviser. The Resident Adviser will check those items and give permission to move out.
  • Housing between semesters

    • Current residents can stay in Dorm during vacation with an extra charge. Those who want to stay during the vacation may apply for it in the application period. In the event that there is a scheduled construction or other unforeseeable circumstances, residents may be asked to move to a different building or room.
    • Those who don't stay in the dormitory during vacations should clean the room and check out of their room. They can check into to the same room in the 2nd semester. (Possible to keep personal baggages in the dormitory storage during vacations)
  • Annual Health Examination (Medical report)

    • Every single dormitory student has to submit a health examination(medical report) before entering the room. Be aware of that you could be evicted if you did not submit it until the early of March.
  • Dormitory Rules

    Dormitory Rules
    Prohibited activitiesPenalties
    1. A resident who has been suspended from schoolout
    2. A Student who got an academic warning grade(less than 1.75)out
    3. A carrier of infectious diseases or hepatitisout
    4. A student who did not pay the dormitory feeout
    5. Violence and robbery, Accessing to the emergency exits out
    6. Disobedience to the dormitory manager or staff-1point~out
    7. Trespassing, Destroying public property intentionallyout
    8. Moving to another room without permissionout
    9. Smoking in the dormitory- 5points
    10. Breaking the curfew (01:00~05:00) - Except for graduate students- 3points
    11. Cooking in the room (Cooking is allowed only in the Global Dorm)-5points~out
    12. Drinking alcohol in the dormitory (Imported liquor included)- 3points
    13. Key card restaurant rental and food export (from the restaurant to the room), Restaurant supplies included.- 3points
    14. Making noise in the dormitory (Playing music instruments and all kind of noise)- 3points
    15. Allowing strangers to access the dormitory or to sleep inside
    Accessing to the room and building of the opposite gender
    16. Skipping official events (e.g. Roll Call, Dorm Orientation)- 3points
    17. Playing computer games in the Computer Lab- 2points
    18. Bringing prohibited items into the dormitory
    (e.g. cooking ware, disallowed electronic appliance ; electric heater, electric blanket, refrigerator, electric kettle and other cooking supplies )
    - 5points
    19. Key Card Rental-0.5points
    20. Littering (Failure to separate the trash for the recycling) - 2points
    21. For any reason, residents who get drunk and vomit in the dormitory- 3points
    22. Resident who does not keep the room clean - 3points
    23. Resident who does not clean the room and take his luggage when leaving- 3points
    24. Furniture and equipment damage (scrawling, attaching stickers on the wall, etc) - 3points
    25. Ordering food at the curfew / Roll call (1:00am-5:00am) - 3points
    26. Failure to submit the medical check up certificate - 3points
    27. Resident who promptly reports a case of emergency, nursing, etc. +3points
    28. Reporting violations of the rules (eg. Smoking indoors) to the dormitory manager +1~3points
    29. Resident who participates in the dormitory events +1~3points
    • The resident who will get up to -8points will be asked to leave the dormitory.
    • Whoever gets the penalties up to -8points can not apply for the dormitory the next semester.
      The validity of the penalty is for one year.
  • Using Dormitory Cafeterias

    • Foreign students have the options below when using cafeteria.
      • ① Use the cafeteria after paying for meals for a semester. (around 600,000 won for 4 months)
      • ② Use the cafeteria after buying a meal ticket for each meal (3,000 won for one meal)
    • meal time
      WeekdaySunday and Holiday
    • If you choose ‘option①’, you can't cancel it or get refund during the semester.
    • BTL dormitory is different(meals are mandatory) and the Global Dorm has no cafeteria(cooking is possible inside).
  • Questions

    • If you have any questions regarding KNU dormitory, please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or by phone(☎ 033-250-8073).